Meet The Team


Kate Hathaway

Kate is a freelance photographer and writer from North-East England, specialising in events and live music photography.

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her work here.


Georgia Hartley

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Georgia is an aspiring photographer and journalist, who has developed a keen interest in portraiture, automotive and event photography.

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her work here.


Jack Sykes

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Jack is a travel and street photographer from Leeds, West Yorkshire. His desire for travel has resulted in him travelling to countries across the globe.

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his work here.


Nina Elisabeth

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Nina is a photographer and aspiring journalist from North-East England, with a strong interest in documentary photography, music and portraiture photography.

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her work here.


Fran Tirpak

Fran is a photographer, videographer, writer, journalist and designer from San
Diego, California, with a solid focus on portrait photography and the 
DIY scenes in art and music.


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their work here.


Nicole Durkin

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Nicole is an ambitious photographer and journalist who has had an interest in photography since she was young.

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her work here.


Farah Jamal

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Farah is an editorial designer based in West Yorkshire, with interests in fashion and the written word.

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her work here.


Alexandra Wilson

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Alexandra is a rich content producer for multi-media platforms, based in Leeds.

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her work here.


Mo Dukali

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Mo Dukali is a keen photographer who specialises in studio portraiture and fashion photography.

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his work here.

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