Georgia Hartley is a photographer and journalist who has developed an interest in portraiture, automotive, and event photography. She enjoys editing images as much as taking the actual photograph. In her photographs, Georgia focuses on colour and tries to revolve her images around that theme. 


During her time at Leeds Beckett, Georgia has taken part in many professional experiences, such as photographing for the ARIAS and Deer Shed 9 in 2018, and helped to produce many social media campaigns outside of the university. She has also had her work printed in local newspapers and used for university marketing purposes. 


This interest in social media campaigns has helped her develop a further love for social media marketing. After university, Georgia would like to gain more skills in digital/social media marketing to be able to pursue a successful marketing career. Georgia would like to continue to pursue her interest in automotive photography. 

Xenon is a series of portraits created using studio flash with coloured gels to illuminate her subjects. This work shows Georgia’s preferred style of portraiture. The concept behind this was to further explore the style, but to focus more on the strength and intensity of the colours.

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