Nicole Durkin is a photographer and journalist who has had an interest in photography from a young age. Her favourite genres of photography are portraiture and landscape. Most recently, her work has incorporated the use of reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and windows.


Studying BSc (Hons) Digital Journalism at Leeds Beckett is something Nicole has wanted to do since she was age fourteen. Through years ten to thirteen, Nicole studied photography and really enjoyed learning new things, but she has constantly striven to improve her abilities in the subject.


Replication examines reflective elements within a landscape, a subject which she has not been able to explore as of yet. The first of the two locations featured is a park with a lake that she has frequented since childhood; the second is a breezy beach that is home to a stunning sunset, two of Nicole’s favourite things. Both places bring back sentimental memories, with each photo telling its own story.

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