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Signs of Tenderness by Francesca Tirpak is an exploration into the formation of chosen family within the queer community, and the unique manifestation of relationships amongst those who identify as such.

This project, manifested in a mixed-media photobook consisting of short interviews and photographs of the subjects, documents eight individuals within their chosen families as they exist currently, and how these relationships have evolved over the course of these individuals’ lives.

All of our languages of love translate differently, but i can now recognise my own as a need for a sense of comfort, or familiarity, or home, in strange and new places. we create homes of our own where we seek comfort from things familiar. no matter the distance, physical or otherwise, we always find each other.

Albert Camus said, ‘Never stop waiting for signs of tenderness’, and I never have.

Printed on recycled paper and featuring exclusive content not available in the digital magazine.

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