Welcome to our virtual showcase! 


For the first time, the BSc (Hons) Digital Journalism Showcase is being hosted online. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have repurposed our exhibition for the virtual world. 


The main goal for us was to create an exhibition that offers as close to a real-life experience as possible. Before the pandemic hit, we had planned a showcase that involved all of the courses within the Leeds Beckett Creative Technologies to celebrate Creative Technologies becoming a part of the Leeds School of Arts. Our virtual showcase will now take place alongside other virtual events in the school’s final year student festival. 

Presenting our event online has numerous benefits. We are now able to attract a global audience of industry professionals as well as friends and family, from anywhere in the world.

We are currently selling digital and physical copies of our accompanying magazine Vision 2020, with all the profits being donated to charity. If you would like to purchase a copy of the magazine and find out more about our chosen charities, you may do so here.


Please also check out our shop, where you can find work from our individual projects for sale. In lieu of our original showcase event, we would like to encourage visitors to donate what they would have spent on a couple of drinks on the night to our collection, either via a purchase on the shop or with our donate button below.

The virtual exhibition will run for a year, so feel free to come back as many times as you please, and most importantly, enjoy the show!